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Stephen Seifert - Mountain Dulcimer


Minimal Chord Melody 

I'll show you the least you have to know to play melody and chords at the same time. Chord melody does not have to be complicated. This simple approach is easy on the brain, hands, and ears.

Learn Like Grandpa Did #1 - Beginners to Experienced Beginners

I’ll teach exactly how to read my hands just like some people read sheet music. While tab will be handed out at the end of each session, the focus will be learning in a "do-as-I-do" style similar to what folks did in the old days. 

Easy American Pre-Bluegrass Southern Rural Fiddle Tunes


Hymns Played Sweetly

Linda Brockinton - Mountain Dulcimer

Hymns with Parts - Novice

These hymns are suitable to play with your favorite playing partner or as a solo.... there are different kinds of harmonies. We will find out about the different Harmonies you can choose from.

Irish Tunes from the Heart... - Novice

Irish tunes all seem to be sad, even the love songs.... a little late for St Patty’s day but beautiful just the same. I’ll be teaching some Irish tunes and the embellishments that make them sound Irish...

Let's Talk Tuning - Upper Beginner

Each 1-5-8 tuning , such as DAD, allows you to play a tune in 3 Major keys and 3 minors quickly and easily. We will play some simple tunes in different keys without tuning all the time. When I learned this all of a sudden the instrument made sense and I knew where to find stuff I had been looking for. Sometimes Scary information will really help you so I hope you will join us.


I have chosen some fun waltzes from around the world...waltzes are great fun when you can get that 3/4 timing down good. Hammer ons and pull offs will be worked on in this class... join us for a dancing good time!!!!

Brett Ridgeway - Mountain Dulcimer

Flatpicking the Mountain Dulcimer

No strumming here! This workshop will focus extensively on the right and left hand, understanding the use and importance of pick direction, playing across your fretboard rather than vertically, a detailed explanation and incorporation of hammer-ons, slides, pull-offs, and chokes. This will be an intense yet fun workout for both the left and right hands. 

Let Those Fingers Fly

Tired of playing fiddle tunes like a funeral dirge? Not able to keep up? Playing fast is not a matter of talent, but a method of practice. I have taught these techniques to all ages and all skill levels on many instruments…AND THEY WORK! One of my students after learning these simple practice skills said in amazement, "It’s almost like your fingers play by themselves!" This workshop will teach you to play smoothly, quickly, accurately and Yes…like your fingers are playing all by themselves! This is not a strumming workshop.

Fingerpicking So Simple

Fingerpicking is EASY to learn and provides a gentle undulating rhythmic flow to a tune. Using simple picking patterns you will learn how to arppegiate tunes and chords with a smooth rising and falling turning a simple melody line into a beautiful, expressive, purely acoustic and interesting piece. Put your pick aside and let your fingers feel the music! 

Playing With Emotion

Music tells a story; it should convey emotion. There is a real difference between playing notes and making music. In this workshop, you will learn not only concepts, but also hands-on practical techniques, and how to phrase and shape your music. Your music is an expression of you…learn to emote and share that inner you!